Volume 48, Issue 1 p. 113-128
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Social network aided plagiarism detection

Aljaž ZrnecDejan Lavbič

Corresponding Author

Dejan Lavbič

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First published: 17 August 2015
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The prevalence of different kinds of electronic devices and the volume of content on the Web have increased the amount of plagiarism, which is considered an unethical act. If we want to be efficient in the detection and prevention of these acts, we have to improve today's methods of discovering plagiarism. The paper presents a research study where a framework for the improved detection of plagiarism is proposed. The framework focuses on the integration of social network information, information from the Web, and an advanced semantically enriched visualization of information about authors and documents that enables the exploration of obtained data by seeking of advanced patterns of plagiarism. To support the proposed framework, a special software tool was also developed. The statistical evaluation confirmed that the employment of social network analysis and advanced visualization techniques led to improvements in the confirmation and investigation stages of the plagiarism detection process, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of the plagiarism detection process.